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Patrick ryan morris and sheena alexis suarez are the husband and wife team who founded dedalus moving pictures, a production company based in brooklyn, New york.

Patrick is a Filmmaker and producer. Through DMP's independent spirit, he has focused on telling uniquely Cinematic stories that highlight the oft unnoticed beauty and fragile voices that surround us everyday.


Sheena is a producer Who enjoys Photography, design and set dressing. Her ability to Build and maintain long term relationships, identify and cultivate talent through her diverse network and manage the integrity of the product during production and post has contributed to the success of DMP.

Together the dynamic duo has produced, shot and directed content for WordPress, Pepsi, Taste Talks, Northside Festival, Kellogg’s, Mount Gay, UPS and Coney Island Brewery just to name a feW.

In 2017, Patrick and sheena co-produced BET Digital's Award winning series, “Brooklyn. Blue. Sky.” 

You can find their latest award winning series, "king ester," on the issa rae presents youtube platform. IN 2020 it was nominated For Four daytime emmys.

Sheena And patrick are currently working on a docuseries about filipino American Caretakers providing vital care during the pandemic. The series is Directed by Geena rocero and is set to premiere in october during filipino american history month. Please check back for more info coming soon!


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